Students Preparation Hub FAQ

Do you have any questions about the Students Preparation Hub? Preliminary answers to the most frequently asked questions are listed below. Detailed information and additional HowTos will be provided on demand.

What has Students Preparation Hub to offer?

Students Preparation Hub is a tribune to address student's problems and struggles in the preparation of Entry Tests for Engineering and Medical Colleges. We provide you with the most authentic MCQs for te preparation of your MDCAT and ECAT. We are also working to develop a Solution Manual Bank and we hope to achieve our goal with your help.

What is Students Preparation Hub?

Students Preparation Hub is a platform where you can share your preparatory MCQS for MDACT and ECAT. You can easily upload and download thousands of different kinds of MCQs that are marked important by the leading teachers and institutions of Pakistan.
Here you can also share and download Solution Manuals of different books being taught in hundreds of institutions around the world.

Is the registration free of charge?

The registration on this website is free of cost and we do not charge you even a penny to read the MCQs.

How much does it costs to BUY Your Preparation Book?

The entry test Preparation book that I am preparing for the freshmen will be very economical.

Will the book serve the purpose?

Yes, the book will definitely help you through your entry tests. This book shall also polish your skills to a whole new level making it easy for you to cope up with the toughness of the MCQs in the Entry tests.

Who Prepares the MCQs available on this site?

This website is a sharing hub. We allow you to share your preparatory MCQs for entry tests and read what others have shared. So the MCQs available on this site come from different reputed academies and institutions from all over the country.

What is the authenticity of the available MCQs?

We have a team that checks all the MCQs shared on our website for their correctness, validity and levels of toughness as compaed to those that students face in their entry tests. Only those at par with pur standards and the standards of the entry test are made available to you for prepararion.

How can I pay my bill?

You will pay for book via bank transfer. Details will be provided when required.

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